Zenith Pumps Aftermarket Support

Proactive aftermarket support to extend the life of your pumps and avoid costly, unscheduled downtime

Zenith offers a proactive aftermarket support program designed to help you extend the life of your pumps and avoid costly, unscheduled downtime. Please note: A Material Safety Data Sheet is required for each pump and/or shipment prior to beginning the repair process. 

Comprehensive Pump Repair

Pump capacities from 0.03 - 1,500 cc/rev can be sent to Zenith for evaluation, inspection, refurbishment and re-assembly. With this option you get a renewed warranty and measurements taken that can be used for benchmarking to help you predict wear rates and maintenance schedules.

Customer specifications are maintained throughout the entire process and in many cases improved and standardized. Product quality, as a result, is under better and more consistent control.

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Repair Kits

More than a box of parts, the Zenith Repair Kits give you everything you need for standard maintenance. In addition to the required seals, hardware and lubricants, the kit provides the peace of mind of using genuine original Zenith parts.

Delivery times are frequently fulfilled within 24 hours of ordering. Plus, you don’t need individual part numbers for each part. Know your pump part number? Then you know your kit number.

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Inventory Control

Zenith offers contracted inventory to assure components are in stock and available for repair. After the customer provides annual forecast requirements, Zenith will maintain in-house stock.

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Uptime Training Seminars

The Zenith Uptime training session provides complete repair training plus “principles of operation” education. Attendees also receive a plant tour to better understand the construction techniques used to build every Zenith pump and system.

Additional subjects can be added per the user request.

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On-site Uptime Evaluation

A certified Zenith technician evaluates your operation and pump performance. The technician also assists with training and a repair benchmarking table allows operators to customize their preventative maintenance schedule and part kit stock requirements.

This program can include a “Lunch-and-Learn” style training session.

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