The Zenith 9000 Series

Metering additives with accurate, repeatable pulse free flow in a compact design

The 9000 series metering pumps are used with a range of fluids – from general to abrasive to poor lubricating. You will find the 9000 series metering additives, colorants or chemicals in food and beverage, chemical, fiber, pharmaceutical and paint facilities around the world. They offer engineers and operators accurate, repeatable pulse free flow in a compact design.

The B-9000 and C-9000 pumps are available with magnetic drive (mag-drive) sealing option. Mag-drives can eliminate shaft leakage of fluids, increasing plant safety and reduces VOC emissions and seal failures. The magnetic coupling feature also reduces downtime due to excessive mechanical seal failures and eliminates the need for buffer fluids.

Product Models & Specifications:

  B-9000 C-9000 H-9000
Typical Service General Chemical Corrosive / Poor Lubricity Abrasive / High Temperature
Materials 400 Series Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel Tool Steel
Outlet Pressure Up to 1000 psi (70 Bar) Up to 1000 psi (70 Bar) Up to 2500 psi (175 Bar)
Max Operating Temperature 645F 350F 950F
Flow Rate Up to 27,000 cc/min Up to 9,000 cc/min Up to 27,000 cc / min
Fluid Properties Lubricity Compatibility Viscosity Good / Excellent Mildly Corrosive 1 cps or greater Poor / Good / Excellent Corrosive 0.3 cps or greater Abrasive / Good / Excellent Non-corrosive 1 cps or greater

The 9000 series is also offered in a submersible and magnetic drive design. The submersible model does not have a shaft seal and the gear plate is notched. The magnetic drive product series uses magnetic sealing system to eliminate potential for leaks.

Each model can be further customized to meet your operating conditions. Contact Zenith to discuss your process requirements.