Zenith Custom Pumps and Systems

Delivering engineering and design expertise for solutions that address unique process requirements and save time and money

Sometimes, the standard line of Zenith pumps cannot meet unique process requirements. Zenith engineers and technical experts have been designing and manufacturing custom pumps and systems since 1926 to deliver complete packaged solutions from pumps to supply tanks. Our engineering and design team can work directly with you and your team to build a pumping system that not only meets your specific application parameters but saves time and money.

Some examples of custom designs include:

  • Special lubrication features
  • Pumps with exposed gears for very low inlet pressures
  • Special gear designs – to provide more gear tooth strength and lower shaft bearing loads
  • Special materials:
    • For high temperature
    • For corrosion resistance
    • For abrasion resistance
    • For wear resistance
    • For galling resistance
  • Specialty coatings
  • Special shaft seals
  • Internal clearances
  • Multiple Stream pumps
  • Custom footprints and connections

Our expertise in custom pumps dates back to the 1920’s. This has enabled us to build and maintain a vast collection of pump designs that were created for specific applications that may be similar or the same as your specific requirements. Please consult with your local rep or distributor for more information.