The Zenith PEP II Series

Optimizing extrusion processes with reduced heat and required torque and the elimination of surging

The Zenith PEP II series are common in extrusion processes. The Zenith gear pump optimizes the extrusion process by allowing the screw to melt and homogenize the polymer. As the pump generates the needed pressure, it relieves the extruder of work; therefore, reducing heat from the shear, loweriing the torque required and eliminating surging.
The Pep II pumps are also offered with the Rheoseal. The Rheoseal design includes reverse flights inside the seal chamber, as well as a water channel to cool the polymer and a backup lip seal. The rotating shafts create a mechanical action on the material, which pumps the polymer back into the pump cavity and seals the shaft from the leakage.

Product Models and Specifications:

PEP II Series
Available Capacities0.16 – 750 cc / rev
Flow Rate0.2 – 7,000 lbs/hr
Max Operating Temperature950F
Max Discharge Pressure10,000 psi