Zenith Pump Markets

Pulse free, accurate and repeatable fluid delivery for strategic global markets

Zenith pumps and system support a range of end markets, from Oil and Gas to General Industry Plastic Extrusion. In each market, Zenith pumps and systems deliver fluid that is pulse free, accurate and repeatable.

Zenith products are called on to pump feature a wide operating flow, pressure and temperature range capable of handling abrasive, corrosive, hot, cold, viscous, toxic and shear sensitive fluids.

  • Minimum – Maximum Flow Rate = 0.16 – 27,000 cc/ rev
  • Maximum Viscosity = 1,000,000 cps
  • Maximum Pressure = 4,000 psi
  • Maximum Temperature = 900F

A general overview of the markets that we participate in is provided below; and we encourage you to contact Zenith to discuss your specific requirements.

End Markets Sub Market Applications
General Industry Pharmaceutical Coating
  Food and Beverage Coating, Filling, Extrusion, Additive, Injection, Dosing
  Fiber Extrusion, Spinning, Injection, Spraying
  Chemical Process (Paints, Urethanes, Adhesives, etc.) Spraying, Extrusion, Coating, Injection, Filling, Dosing
  Pulp and Paper Injection, Dosing
  Plastic Extrusion Extrusion, Injection
Oil and Gas Transportation Injection
Power Generation Combustion Power Plants Injection