Zenith Power Generation Applications

Zenith segments the power generation market into seven primary categories: Steam, Combustion, Combined Cycle, Hydro, Diesel Engine, Cogeneration and Solar Power. This segmentation captures the different fuels or equipment used to generate power. Consult the Colfax Fluid Handling Power Generation Center of Excellence for more information about the products we offer in this market.  

Zenith branded pumps have a successful history of supporting engineering and operators within the power generation market. Zenith pumps are typically used within the combustion segment to meter chemicals or process additives to minimize contamination or settled solids that may disrupt the process or final product. This application is commonly known as Vanadium Inhibitor and prevents the corrosion of the Combustion turbine from low-melting ash-deposits.

The Zenith pump applications for the Power Generation market include: