BB PEP and PEP II Systems

Zenith Pumps provides typical drive and control packages, as well as custom systems designed to meet your particular process specifications. Our extensive experience and full engineering capabilities ensure you the best possible solution to your precision extrusion application.

Zenith’s standard extrusion control package provides the basic controls for BB PEP and PEP-II pump systems. The drive consists of a motor and reducer mounted on a common base plate, with speed controlled by a Zenith ZVD digital speed controller. A pressure control system regulates the extruder speed and maintains a constant pressure to the pump inlet. A temperature controller regulates the pump’s electric heaters. Other features available include:

  • Discharge pressure indicator
  • Pump inlet/discharge flanges
  • Pump fluid or steam heat plates
  • Heat plates for extreme service
  • System mounting carts
  • Start-up assistance