Troubleshooting H-Series Gear Pump

Trouble         Probable Cause and Remedy
Pump will not turn
  • Low pump temperature: check thermocouple and control loop for proper setting or operation. Allow sufficient heat-up time.
  • Drive malfunction: verify that drive powered. Assure all alarm circuits are clear. Check drive motor current and speed settings. Check drive couplings.
  • Process conditions changed: check process conditions for proper melt temperature, pressures, viscosities, and materials.
  • Entrained particle: disassemble and clean pump. Replace any damaged parts.
  • Possible internal damage: disassemble and clean pump. Replace any damaged parts. Consult factory.
Excessive seal assembly leakage
  • Worn seal plate: replace seal plate and coupling if necessary.
  • Drive shaft bottoming in coupling slot: readjust drive shaft.
  • Insufficient inlet pressure: increase inlet pressure.
  • Worn packings *: replace packings. * A minor seal leak or weep is not abnormal and may be desirable for lubricating the seal surfaces.
Reduced pump efficiency
  • Worn gear(s): replace worn gear(s).
  • Worn bearings: replace worn bearings.
  • Process conditions changed: consult factory for clearance recommendations on new process conditions.