Troubleshooting H-9000 Gear Pump

Trouble         Probable Cause and Remedy
Pump will not turn
  • Process temperature too low: check thermocouple and control loop for proper setting or operation.
  • Drive malfunction: verify that drive powered. Assure all alarm circuits are clear. Check drive motor current and speed settings. Check drive couplings.
  • Process conditions changed: check process fluid for proper melt temperature.
  • Entrained particle: disassemble and clean pump. Replace any damaged parts.
  • Internal damage: disassemble and clean pump. Replace any damaged parts.
  • Incorrect installation: check mounting arrangement. Check evenness of heating.
  • Lack of lubrication: journal bearing design may not be adequate.
  • Interference fit of moving part: measure clearances and correct if possible.
Reduced pump efficiency
  • Worn gear(s): replace worn gear(s).
  • Worn side plate(s): resurface or replace worn plate(s).
  • Worn gear plate: replace gear plate.
  • Worn shaft and/or bearing holes causing excessive leakage: replace shaft and/or side plate(s).
Seal leakage
  • Worn or damaged packing: replace.