Zenith Applications for Food and Beverage

Industry: Food and Beverage – Injection

Industry Challenge

It is common in food and beverage applications to see variations in storage tank levels and system pressure fluctuations resulting in continuously over- and under-dosing. Many factories continuously overfeed additives to account for under-dosing and injecting more additive than necessary costs money. Food additives can be very expensive, particularly concentrated additives such as flavorings or vitamin solutions. Over time, even small amounts of waste can add up to costly losses.

The Zenith Solution

Zenith B-9000 series precision gear pumps are constructed of cutlery-grade stainless steel for excellent corrosion and wear resistance. Precision ground and lapped components produce high efficiency and metering accuracy under varying process conditions. Internal design features produce a flow that is smooth and consistent.

Zenith pumps deliver an exact amount of flow eliminating the need for expensive flow meters or other flow control devices.

Zenith pumps are available in a variety of mounting styles tailored to fit your needs. Optional shaft seals, pump materials, and pump designs are available. To ensure quick and effective cleaning without disassembly, flush-in-place features are also available.

How You Benefit

Accuracy and Performance - Zenith pumps produce precise, repeatable and pulseless flow. A B-9000 Series pump combined with a ZeDrive control system allows set point speeds of ±.01%.

Low Cost of Ownership - Only three moving parts and hardened abrasion resistant materials provide excellent wear, corrosion and self-lubricating performance.

Uniform Flow - Unique design offers virtually pulse free flow without valves or flexible elements that add complexities, increase cost and hinder performance.